Trusting and Depending

Finding the right cleaner is every person dream. At *A LIST MAIDS you’ve come to the right place. Never a job too big or small. I’ve had clients tell me how the previous cleaners would come in and wipe around the countertops and not take everything down and redo for the optimal clean. Then Ive had clients tell me how if you see something take care of it and bill them for it as we go. (I.E) I come to the residence just to clean the bathrooms but I notice that the walls are dingy and the baseboards need to be touched up. NO NEED TO TELL US TO WIPE OR CLEAN AREAS WE SEE DIRTY OR OUT OF ORDER. WE GO OUT AND BEYOND THE TASK TO MAKE SURE WE GET EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY. I love to see the clients happy with the work they paid for not feeling like they got ripped off! No good at all. You will never have to worry anout that at A LIST MAIDS we take pride in our work.and the service we produce to the *Homeowners or *Commercial owners





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