First stage to cleaning

🚮 Dusting and rough cleanings!! How to manage a 🏠home of 2200 sqft!!🤯 You want to start from head to toe. Ceiling to floor and its very time consuming. This is why you should call THE PROS’ at **2 Women and A Broom.🧹 Certifide cleaners with exceptional skills and Great customer service! Known for the detailed work they do with a streakfree cleaning system! Dont knock it till you try it.

🚮 Removing any debris and the major source of dirt! 🧹 ** Which include stains/ spots left from paint or caulking or adhesive residue. **Remove stickers on glass or appliances. **Wash down walls, door frames, and baseboards. **Sweep/ Vaccum floors. 🏠All of those things seems fairly easy but since Covid everything needs to be wiped down and rearrainged or placed back properly but cleaned. When we do these things ourselves we may rush or ask the kids and miss spots. By calling **2 Women and A Broom you save time and effort! 🧹🧹CLEANING DONE RIGHT AND AT A REASONABLE PRICE.🧹🧹

🪟Windows/Blinds/Shades!!! Now I know everyone thinks or suggest that the windows be included in the package for the home cleanings but they arent! Windows are sold separate and are cleaned on a separate price. **Small windows: $2/each. **Medium windows: $4/each. **Large windows: $8/each You can soak blinds in warm water to get dirt off or you can use a cleaning hack of mines and get some tongs and put microfiber rags on each end with a cleaner of your choice but with the correct ph balance of course or you could ruin the blinds. This is why you get your Home Deep Cleaned. To save you the hassle to save you time and when you get the Deep Clean and regular maintenace the price goes down. The more you clean the cheaper the price. Check out section for pricing and saving!!🔖***DEEP POST CONSTRUCTION CLEANINGS AS WELL WE CLEAN EVERYTHING ALWAYS!😁🧼🧼🪣

Vents: **Use vacuum cleaner to extract dust from vents and HVAC filters. These are the most missed and forgot about spots. One could overlook it by simply moving to fast. At 2 Women amd A Broom I have a system for checking off everuthing on your list as you go that way to reassure we didnt miss any spots. We DONT spot clean we CLEAN CLEAN!!💪🏾💪🏾 EVEN THE KITCHEN VENT!!🧾





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