The Holidays and Cleaning…

Everyones having a party but noone wants to clean thats the cry of the century!!

There are different types of cleaning during Christmas which is one of the biggest party days of the year! Gift opening, food build up, trash hauling of all sizes, then my favorite cleaning the home to its entirety!

My crew is always active and ready to take on new leads/jobs! Free estimates on any job whether its commercial or residential! Let me know all your cleaning needs. Im using this new app that helps me to book clients right from my website didnt have this feature when i first started and I posted my number but no other source to get in contact with my promptly from the site.

Cleaning is not an easy task although it can be done by you or the kids let a professional come out and get your home tidy up and up to par. We also have recurring services for clients who want to become part of the family. Inquire with Timberly she will handle all your cleaning needs accoeding to your level of dirtiness, there are 3 levels! The industry pricing is .10 a square foot for residential and .15 a square foot for commercial! If you cant reach me from this site call 8327158646 The Office number!





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