Minky Homecare and how I make use of the Products for my Small Business!

Ran across this website that sparked my attention called MINKY HOMECARE they have all the cleaning utensils one could use so not sure if y’all ever heard of them based in the U.K. and everything on the website is super cheap compared to prices in store in the U.S.

Me personally i like to use different type of rags, scrappers for the floor stains like gum or slime of tough dirt. When i first started i really didn’t know how to use rags i just use whatever but it got the job done. Now i’m more savy with it and i use blue rags for windows and mirrors blue =water so i know that i use orange for the stove or anything dealing with grease and only for that purpose. I use green to wipe down countertops that’s the all purpose cleaners uses .

For the bathrooms i like to use disposable blue shop rags. cause it tends to be the filthiest and why would you want to reuse rags that came from some ones nasty bathroom on the was or countertops so rags is a must for the restroom areas and anything dealing with feces dog cat or kitty litter. But then you know that is gonna be extra.

Well just venting on my use of rags and how to buy differently in the industry you always need to keep your options open and shop around for good prices on goods thats needed to service this world.!






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