Cleaning from Head to Toe vs Spot Cleaning!

Head to toe cleanings usually take longer but your getting every inch of your home and it requires more attention. Spot cleaning became a thing when businesses wanted to hurry up and touch the main areas that are touched on a daily bases. Head to Toe cleanings are the ones I reccomend then remain your regular cleanings with a maintenaince clean once a month and then a spot clean every two weeks. Most home owners arent aware of the dangers that dirt posses when interacted with water. Some of the leading health problems come from having a dirty home!!

😵 Microbes live on any surface and can cause multiple health problems. Thats why it mandatory to get your home cleaned or you maintain the cleaning either way it has to get done! So a spot cleaning is one in which a person will come in and get the things that are touched the most like your appliances kitchen and bathroom thing no mopping just sweeping and dusting and this one is fairly cheaper than the deep clean from Head to Toe






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